Manager Vocational Services


The Manager of Vocational Services is responsible for maintaining a safe and professional work environment in the Vocational Department. This position is responsible for the management of the day-to-day operations of the Vocational Department.
1. Ensures the day-to-day operations of the vocational department.
2. Demonstrates knowledge and understanding of the Vocational Department, its goals and philosophy.
3. Performs marketing within the community to secure contracts for ongoing orders for various Vocational Department items.
4. Exhibits knowledge of individual resident’s histories, current progress and personal issues or difficulties.
5. Coordinates and ensures duties are assigned and carried out for residents in the Vocational Department, ensuring daily monitoring of the clients activities, time sheets, breaks, appointments and medications.
6. Coordinates and ensures duties are assigned and carried out for the job coaches in the Vocational Department, ensuring daily monitoring of the job coaches’ activities, time sheets, and call offs.
7. Demonstrates responsibility for training, assisting and supervising job coaches and LSA’s working in the Vocational Department, including role modeling for staff.
8. Ensures completeness and approves time cards in the vocational department.
9. Job Performance of job coaches: Develops annual job goals and completes performance reviews per Nexus policy and procedures
10. Provides feedback to appropriate staff regarding job performance of LSA’s assigned to work in Vocational Department.
11. Reports: Generates vocational reports as needed for treatment planning meetings and uploads onto the shared drive for access of administration, medical team, case managers and residential staff.
12. Ensures departmental compliance with all regulatory and licensing agencies (i.e., TRC, CARF, TDADS).
13. Provides training, assistance and monitoring to staff and residents in the use of equipment used in the Print Shop and Vocational Department.
14. Approves and oversees proper maintenance of equipment. Ensures that the Vocational Department tools, parts and equipment are maintained and replaced when needed. Draft proposal a basis for recommendations to replace equipment and substantiate a purchase recommendations.
15. Provides oversight in the development and maintenance of the Vocational Department Policies and Procedures.
16. Ensures and monitors daily proper maintenance and accurate documentation of resident records in a timely manner.
17. Implements departmental policies and procedures and ensures that staff assigned to work in Vocational Department is knowledgeable in these.
18. Maintains necessary inventory of supplies, equipment, materials and is proactive in purchasing and ordering to established inventory.
19. Establish and maintain vendor relationships for purchasing and services needed in the print shop such as: print screens, art work, material suppliers etc.
20. Meets deadlines to ensure compliance with administrative requests.
21. Demonstrates knowledge of advanced silk screening procedures and techniques.
22. Processes incoming work orders and distribute job duties to clients / residents and assign jobs to proper machines for most economical and efficient production. Expedite rush jobs, solve scheduling problems and facilitate routine production.
23. Schedules work orders and monitors progress meeting production schedules and quality standards to ensure all customer needs are served within the capabilities of the Vocational Department facilities.
24. Assures all revenues and expenditures are accounted for and are within budgetary guidelines.
25. Meets targeted monthly revenue goals.
26. Develops quarterly marketing plan for new or returning business with targets included. (SMART Plan)
27. Performs other duties as assigned.

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Job Requirements


• Minimum of two (2) years experience in rehabilitation
• Minimum of two (2) years experience in a supervisory role preferred
• Required experience in vocational testing, job placement, and vocational training
• CRC and/or CVE required within six (6) months of employment.
• Preferably prior experience in assisted living home, with patients with brain injury

Education Required

• Minimum Master’s Degree preferably in Vocational Rehabilitation or Guidance and Counseling area.

Additional Information

• Must be certified in CPR, PMAB, and First Aid
• Must be knowledgeable of and practice Infection Control and Universal Precautions at all times.
• Must obtain current tuberculosis test within the first fourteen (14) days of employment and on an annual basis thereafter.
• Maintain current certification in good standing during employment with this facility