Dietary Aide


The Dietary Aide prepares food and maintains the work area in accordance with all sanitary and safety regulations. The
Dietary Aide assists the cook with serving food that is palatable and appealing in appearance and that adheres to food
preferences in accordance with physician orders.
 Adheres to Food Safety Manual regarding any and all food preparation practices.
 Checks and records proper sanitary, temperature and function of dishwasher and pot wash areas.
 Ensures cleanup of kitchen/cafeteria and equipment on a daily basis, including sweeping, mopping and garbage.
 Ensures utensils and serving equipment/dishes are clean and ready for next meal service.
 Assists with checking of meal trays for accuracy.
 Assists management in assuring that adequate levels of food supplies are maintained including appropriate storage
and rotating of supplies.
 Follows facility policies and procedures regarding proper sanitation, safety and infection control as mandated by the
Texas Department of Health.
 Prepares and serves special diet orders (such as pureed, low sodium, mechanically soft, cold food preparation, etc.)
 Keeps work area clean and free of hazardous equipment.
 Works safely with all equipment and duties.
 Assists with all meal transport as needed.
 Addresses patients, staff and visitors with warmth and respect.
 Provides services graciously and courteously.
 Assists the cook with meal preparation as needed.
 Utilizes time efficiently and completes duties without sacrificing quality of work.
 Demonstrates flexibility in working hours and days scheduled in order to meet the needs of the department.
 Deliver’s formulas to correct nursing stations.
 Provides A.M. formulas according to written recipes and following proscribed methods of sanitation.
 Delivers P.M. formulas according to formula delivery chart maintained by supervisor.
 Prepares and delivers snacks to nurse’s station each morning using snack chart.
 Performs other duties as assigned.

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Job Requirements


One (1) year experience in institutional or commercial food service preferred

Education Required

High School diploma or equivalent are required

Additional Information

 Basic computer skills required
 Must have valid driver’s license