Corporate Director of Quality


The Corporate Director of Quality is given the necessary authority and responsibility to operate all accountable departments in all functions and activities subject only to the policies and procedures issued by the governing board. The Corporate Director of Quality’s primary responsibility is to ensure the delivery of quality patient care. This position is required to use independent discretion and judgment with respect to supervisory and management decisions and recommendations. This position is required to be accessible 24/7 and have accountability of clinical service departments. This position is also to ensure system-wide processes and procedures are in place to drive outcomes and ensure patient safety. This position will also ensure facilities are up to all accreditation, federal and state standards.
1. Nursing, Quality and Clinical operational duties as required in assigned hospitals or clinical sites.
2. Develops and administers healthcare risk management programs.
3. Works closely with facility Clinical and Quality Departments to ensure partnership in outcomes.
4. Establishes a clinical culture of customer satisfaction and service for patients, physicians and referral sources
5. Assessing clinical workflow processes and implement clinical and quality improvement processes in clinical practice
areas to improve outcomes.
6. Organizing as part of the local and corporate team in survey preparedness and maintaining licensure and accreditation.
7. Facilitating activities related to and in compliance with licensure and accreditation rules, standards and guidelines.
8. Analyzing and monitoring risk related events; ensure accurate and timely collection and ready access of logs and data.
9. Provide oversite and ensure follow up on facility incident reports
10. Reviewing data within assigned hospitals and identifying trends for focused improvement; interpret results with clinical
team and provide guidance to achieve goals.
11. Performing administrative oversight of required metrics and improvement or corrective action plans.
12. Creating and implementing evidenced-based policies and procedures for clinical and quality operations, as needed.
13. Establishes and reviews clinical indicators for facilities, ensuring quality benchmarking is consistent with
expectations of community stakeholders.
14. Providing support and guidance to hospital and management regarding clinical interfaces and applications with
15. Providing support to clinical documentation initiatives within system electronic medical record.
16. Assisting with the development and oversight of quality and clinical training and education at hospitals or clinical
17. Provide and oversee quality review site visits as well as system-wide clinical and quality meetings to share best
practices and oversee system initiatives.
18. Investigates any incidences that may result in asset losses in conjunction with facility quality department
19. Serve as liaison between company and insurance carrier regarding potential loss events
20. Performs other duties as assigned.

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Job Requirements


• Minimum five years direct care experience with leadership experience.


1. Strong clinical, leadership, and management skills along with a high level of initiative and creative problem-solving
2. Ability to effectively lead a project
3. Ability to effectively express ideas and views when speaking or writing for groups, hospital managers, personnel, and
patients/family members
4. Ability to write reports, communications, etc.
5. Cognitive ability to gather and analyze data and prepare reports
6. Ability to evaluate statistical data and make calculations in planning departmental operations and budgets
7. Organizational ability to direct and motivate professional and non-professional staff in performance of all activities
8. Capacity to relate to people in a manner to win confidence and support
9. Organizational skills to prioritize work and use time effectively with flexibility to adjust to changing priorities and
the various details of the job
10. Competence in company Electronic Medical Record, Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook and other computer programs
11. A valid drivers license
12. Ability to travel

Education Required

• B.S. in Nursing preferred
• Master’s degree preferred

Additional Information

• Must be licensed as a Registered Nurse in the State of Texas.
• Must be certified in BLS and ACLS if applicable.
• Must maintain current licensure in good standing during employment with this facility.