Child-Life & Activity Services at Nexus Children’s Hospital

Focusing on our pediatric patients’ quality of life, both Nexus Children’s Hospital locations use meaningful play techniques to improve comfort and resilience. The strategies implemented help patients feel more at home and calm as they’re receiving treatment.

Child Life Specialists at Nexus Children’s Hospital in Houston are part of the interdisciplinary team treating patients. Assessing children at intake, staff members understand likes and dislikes to plan for activities and events – like movie night, pet therapy, and music and movement – that help our young patients cope with their hospitalization. Incorporating age-appropriate play strategies, from toys and crafts, to teen social time and board games, Child Life Specialists focus on helping patients feel more comfortable during their stay in the hospital. This team also specializes in medical procedure preparation for children experience anxiety. Using play, children are often able to relax before treatment.

At HealthBridge Children’s Hospital Orange, an Activities Lead plans all individual and group activities for our patients. The schedule can include reading, coloring, playing with toys, crafts, and holiday parties. This department also works with outside resources to patients can have fun experiences while in the hospital. Most recently, a troupe of superheroes stopped by after the day at the Comic Con convention to wish Nexus’ patients well. Overall, the goal is to enhance our patients’ quality of life during their hospitalization.