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Preventing Brain Injuries through Education

Nexus Hope Foundation strives to prevent brain injuries through community engagement. Incorporated in 2008, the foundation has multiple missions, including:

  • To provide charity care to individuals who meet eligibility criteria for medical equipment and supplies
  • To sponsor educational programs, sharing information about TBI and other neurological disorder to the general public and medical community
  • To promote basic research regarding early intervention as it relates to brain injury recovery

Joining forces, Nexus Hope Foundation and Nexus staff members give back to the community through our Head-First Helmet Program. Because many accidents result from play or leisure activities like biking, the program aims to educate the community on the consequences for not wearing protective gear while handing out helmets to children and adults.

The foundation also uses funds to purchase medical equipment and supplies for patients in the community who cannot afford what they need. These gifts, including dental implants and powerchairs, help patients continue their rehabilitation progression. Funds are also used to reimburse brain injury recovery research Nexus staff members conduct.

For more information on the Nexus Hope Foundation, please contact Nexus Health Systems’ VP of Human Resources, Kevin McAndrews or visit the site now.

Brain Injury Facts*

  • Every day, 153 people in the United States die from injuries that include TBI
  • TBI is a diagnosis in more than 282,000 hospitalizations and 2.5 million ED visits annually
  • Falls cause half of the TBIs among children ages 0 to 14 years
  • Each year, U.S. emergency departments treat an estimated 135,000 sports- and recreation-related TBIs among children ages 5 to 18 (including concussions)

*Information from the Center for Disease Control (CDC)

Journey Toward Independence

Nexus' NeuroContinuum sequence provides a range of care for those recovering from acquired or traumatic brain injuries and other complicated illnesses or diseases.
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